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The Department of Nephrology was established in April, 1974. We have been providing treatment, research and student education since then. We manage the Blood Purification Center, and treat out- and inpatients and do research on end stage renal failure and other various kinds of renal diseases. In collaboration with the Department of Urology, we are specialists in kidney transplantation. In 1975, we performed the first living kidney transplantation in Ishikawa. We have successfully performed 255 living and 65 cadaveric kidney transplantations since then, and we have done 2,484 renal biopsies (as of December 31, 2019). Our research is based on the areas of our expertise and we have been doing both clinicopathological and clinicoepidemiological research as well as basic research related to these areas.
In student education, we have been teaching various skills from the basics of medical terminology to actual problem solving skills through unit lectures, BSL (Bed Side Learning), CCS (Clinical Clerkship), and PBL (Problem-Based Learning). We aim to be an attractive department for students, residents and researchers.

Contact Information

TEL: 076-286-2211(Ext.3403) +81-76-286-2211 / FAX: 076-286-2786 +81-76-286-2786 / Email:


Professor and Chair

  • YOKOYAMA Hitoshi 40横山先生2


  • FURUICHI Kengo
  • SAITO Atsushi

Associate Professor

  • ADACHI Hiroki

Senior Assistant Professor

  • FUJIMOTO Keiji

Senior Assistant Professor

  • HAYASHI Norifumi
  • MUKAI Kiyotaka

Assistant Professor

  • OKUSHI Yuki
  • OKINO Kazuaki
  • OKADA Keiichiro
  • NOMURA Kanae
  • MATSUURA Toshikazu
  • MIYATAKE Nobuhiko
  • YAMAZAKI Keita

Research Achievements

Research Activities

  • Yokoyama H, Sugiyama H, Narita I, Saito T, Yamagata K, Nishio S, Fujimoto S, Mori N, Yuzawa Y, Okuda S, Maruyama S, Sato H, Ueda Y, Makino H, Matsuo S: Outcomes of primary nephrotic syndrome in elderly Japanese: retrospective analysis of the Japan Renal Biopsy Registry (J-RBR). Clin Exp Nephrol, 19(3): 496-505, 2015.
  • Matsui Y, Sunatani Y, Hayashi N, Okino K, Okushi Y, Mukai K, Adachi H, Yamaya H, Iwabuchi K, Yokoyama H: DNA double-strand breaks induced intractable glomerular fibrosis in renal allografts. Clin Exp Nephrol. 2015 Oct 6. [Epub ahead of print]
  • Fujimoto K, Imura J, Atsumi H, Matsui Y, Adachi H, Okuyama H, Yamaya H, Yokoyama H : Clinical significance of serum and urinary soluble urokinase receptor (suPAR) in primary nephrotic syndrome and MPO-ANCA-associated glomerulonephritis in Japanese. Clin. Exp. Nephrol. 19: 804-814,2015
  • Hayashi N, Akiyama S, Okuyama H, Matsui Y, Adachi H, Yamaya H, Maruyama S, Imai E, Matsuo S, Yokoyama H:Clinicopathological characteristics of M-type phospholipase A2 receptor (PLA2R)-related membranous nephropathy in Japanese. Clin. Exp. Nephrol. 19: 797-803,2015
  • N.Hayashi, H.Okuyama, Y.Matsui, H.Yamaya, E.Kobayashi, H.Minato, Y.Niida, H.Yokoyama:Adult-onset renal failure in a family with Alagille syndrome with proteinuria and a novel JAG1 mutation,Clin Kidney J,6: 295-299,2013.